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Food Insecurity a Real Problem in San Diego and Imperial Counties

Having just written about obesity fueling the epidemic of prediabetes and diabetes across California in last month’s blog post, it might seem incongruous to switch gears and now talk about the very real problem of people in our region...


Majority of Californians Are Prediabetic or Diabetic: What Do We Do?

According to a 2016 UCLA study, the majority of adults in California are prediabetic or diabetic. Let that sink in for a moment: The MAJORITY of adults in this state either have diabetes or are at increased risk for...


Impact of Child Abuse and Neglect for Foster Youth

In April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, we acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect. At Alliance Healthcare Foundation, we champion the work of our grantees that promote the social and emotional...


Bitter Sweet: Beware Holiday Treats and Avoid the Downsides of Sugar

With Halloween kicking off the holiday season, millions of children will begin chasing the sugary treats that come with participating in the parties, festivals, carnivals, and celebrations that we all have come to know. Many parents will try to...


Being Mindful of Mindfulness: How meditation can impact your health and wellness

The word “mindfulness” has become popular in conversations recently as more and more studies are proving that people who are practicing a type of meditation called “Mindfulness” are becoming healthier than those who do not. Mindfulness is a mental...


Tips for a Young, Healthy Brain

Physical health tips dominate headlines and media coverage, but what about the health of your brain?  Are you protecting your brain and your body or focusing solely on the latter? Thankfully, the two go hand-in-hand to a certain degree....


5 Healthy Heart Tips for Valentine’s Day (And Beyond!)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so let’s discuss healthy practices for creating—and maintaining—a healthy heart.   Your heart is a vital organ which pumps blood throughout your body, fueling you with oxygen and nutrients. The heart enables...


Pregnancy Tips for a Healthy, Happy Baby

Do you know the best practices for a healthy pregnancy? It’s an important question, one that many don’t consider until they’re pregnant. But knowing how to prepare for your pregnancy and what to do once it’s underway can greatly...


Wearables: The Gadgets That Can Change Your Life

Ten years ago, if you heard a watch or a bracelet could dramatically improve your health, how would you react? You’d probably laugh. You might even look a little confused. In 2015, though, this seemingly far-fetched notion is a...

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