North County Lifeline

Mission Statement: North County Lifeline’s mission is to build self-reliance among youth, individuals and families through problem solving, skill-building and accessible community-based services.

Our Vision: Our vision is to improve health and wellness in the San Diego region for parents and children alike. We focus on at-risk youth, youth with mental health disorders, human trafficking victims, low-income families, unemployed/underemployed North County residents, parties needing mediation, and families with histories of domestic violence or child abuse.

We strive to:

  • Cultivate strong, cohesive families
  • Foster leadership in the community
  • Collaborate with others to help clients become self-sufficient
  • To generate new funding strategies to expand and enhance services
  • To utilize data for program improvement
  • To attract and retain exceptional staff and volunteers
  • Anticipate and respond to community needs

We know that even those at who have ‘hit the bottom’ can and do become self-reliant. North County Lifeline will greet each person in honesty, and move forward from that point.

Description: North County Lifeline is a nonprofit health and human services organization based in Oceanside and Vista, serving Inland and Coastal North San Diego County. Lifeline began in 1969 as a drop-in center for Oceanside youth and now offers more than 40 programs within five areas of focus: 1) Employment and Housing; 2) Youth Development; 3) Behavioral Health (mental health and substance abuse, including human trafficking victims); 4) Child Abuse and Domestic Violence; and 5) Mediation and Fair Housing.

Lifeline’s greatest strengths are in understanding local needs, providing subject matter expertise in our five areas of focus, and working in collaboration with fellow leaders to change lives. To this end, Lifeline provides leadership to foster regional collaboration. For example, Executive Director Donald Stump is the President of the North County collaborative, Alliance for Regional Solutions. Lifeline is well-known for a collaborative spirit and for mobilizing solutions to community problems such as poverty, mental illness, and gangs.

Contact Information: Shannon Stubblefield; | 760-842-6257 | | Facebook

Mission Support Grant Application Video





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