Alliance Healthcare Foundation 2013: The Year in Review

A year of growth, learning and broadening horizons.

In 2012, we expanded our efforts to serve Imperial County by making a concentrated effort to connect with organizations and leaders in Imperial to learn more about the needs of the community and the challenges that they face. In 2013, we established separate funding for Imperial to give nonprofits in the area more of the resources that they needed to help those in need.

While our work in Imperial County grew, our work in San Diego County blossomed as well. We are seeing more collaboration amongst nonprofits, and that collaboration is stimulating innovation in how we improve the health & wellness of the underserved.

At Alliance Healthcare Foundation, we are honored to play a role in these developments. In 2013, we awarded $2,330,396 through Mission Support Grants, Innovation Initiative Grants and Response Grants, an increase from 2012’s $2,134,000 and 2011’s $1,792.000.

Our 2013 Mission Support grantees focused on the following populations

  • 69% focused on poor populations
  • 66% focused on the underinsured/uninsured
  • 62% focused on children/youth
  • 41% focused on homelessness/homeless.

With the announcement of our next round of Mission Support Grantees already behind us, we are excited to explore the potential of 2014 and to continue working with the many wonderful leaders in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

In the Community

As part of our efforts to continue growing our efforts to advance health & wellness in San Diego and Imperial Counties, we use advocacy and education in addition to grant-making to foster collaboration and to stimulate innovation. Our hope is that by helping to build channels for communication and by highlighting key needs in our communities we can find new, creative ways to solve challenges.

Some of the notable events and seminars that we hosted:

  • Social Media Workshop – Ideahaus’ Kevin Popovic worked with grantees to help them better understand how to use social media to advance their individual missions. Video of the event is available on our YouTube channel.
  • USD Governance Symposium – Twelve of our grantee organizations (represented by their CEO and board chair) took advantage of our offer to cover registration for this annual event. This year’s symposium focused on practical and coherent design, best practices, and successful examples of exceptional governance.
  • Fund-raising – Led by a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) 2013 grantees learned about best practices & methods for improving fundraising results, ways to tell their story based on their evaluation data, and resources available to find grant opportunities.
  • CEO/Executive Director Get Together – Once or twice a year, we gather CEO/Executive Directors of our grantee organizations to talk about the strategic challenges they face, fostering a crossectoral discussion of common challenges. This year, San Diego leaders requested a road trip to Imperial to learn more about the challenges the Imperial County community faces.
  • ACA Workshop – We organized a workshop on the Affordable Care Act to help educate community leaders in Imperial County about the changes in the healthcare system and to prepare them to in-turn work with the members of their community. Click here for an overview of the event and to watch footage of our speakers.

We also make an effort to interact with leaders formally and informally, at receptions, galas, board meetings, and casual get-togethers. Our monthly recaps will give you an idea of the variety of settings and people that make up these interactions, and this outtakes video from our Mission Support Grants video shows that even though our work is serious, we have fun and genuinely enjoy every day that we get to spend serving our communities.

Innovation Initiative

We developed the Innovation Initiative (I2) to support creative programs and ideas that increase the capacity and coordination of the healthcare delivery system, one of our strategic priorities. We are particularly interested in solutions that address local healthcare access issues, reach target populations and use innovation effectively.

To encourage this level of innovation, we hosted the Innovation in Healthcare Conference in March, inviting world renowned teamwork and communications expert Akshay Sateesh to serve as our keynote speaker. Specializing in innovation, Sateesh shared with attendees the strategies and processes that he used with corporations like DuPont Biomedical to inspire creativity and collaboration. A recording of the conference is available for free on our YouTube page.

In July, we announced that Access Youth Academy (AYA) would receive an I2 grant. AYA needed the funds to expand a squash program in City Heights that applies a youth development strategy to improve key determinants of health for children who would not otherwise be expected to attend college or be successful in our competitive environment. Learn more about the award here.

2013 Mission Support Grant Recipients

With Mission Support Grants, we aim to aim to catalyze real, sustainable change in San Diego & Imperial County by funding organizations that are advancing health and wellness for those in need. The organizations that receive Mission Support Grants represent a wide range of interests and needs in our communities, but all of them are working to advance health & wellness for vulnerable and underserved populations.

In 2013, we funded the following organizations in San Diego County:

  1. 2-1-1 San Diego ($100,000) – 2-1-1 San Diego is a resource and information hub that connects people with community, health and disaster services through a free, 24/7 stigma-free confidential phone service and searchable online database. 2-1-1 serves the entire population of the County.
  2. A New PATH ($25,000) – A New PATH works to reduce the stigma associated with addictive illness through education and compassionate support, and to advocate for therapeutic rather than punitive drug policies.
  3. Alliance Health Clinic ($50,000) –Alliance Health Clinic provides low-cost primary health care for the low income, immigrant and refugee members of the community regardless of age, sex, or pre-existing conditions.
  4. Athletes for Education ($25,000) – Athletes for Education supports wellness programs in the county where under-served children engage with mentors and local healthcare providers who teach healthy lifestyle choices through education and exercise.
  5. Bayside Community Center ($25,000) – Bayside Community Center empowers our diverse community to improve its quality of life through services, education, and advocacy.
  6. Christie’s Place ($50,000) – Christie’s Place provides HIV/AIDS education, social services, advocacy & basic needs assistance.
  7. ElderHelp of San Diego ($75,000) – ElderHelp provides personalized services and information for San Diego’s growing population of seniors to help them remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes.
  8. Embrace ($100,000) – Embrace mobilizes college students to serve less fortunate members of civilian and military veteran communities.
  9. Environmental Health Coalition ($50,000) – Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) builds grassroots campaigns to confront the unjust consequences of toxic pollution, discriminatory land use, and unsustainable energy policies.
  10. Foundation for Change ($25,000) – Foundation for Change is working to create a passionate community of support for progressive leaders and organizations in the San Diego/Tijuana region.
  11. Outdoor Outreach ($50,000) – Outdoor Outreach empowers at-risk and underprivileged youth to make positive lasting changes in their lives through comprehensive outdoor programming.
  12. San Diego LGBT Community Center ($50,000) – San Diego LGBT Community Center enhances and sustains the health and well-being of the LGBT and HIV communities through a variety of programs, services, activities and resources.
  13. Shakti Rising ($25,000) – Shakti Rising is a social change organization transforming the lives of women, girls, and the larger community.
  14. Somali Family Service ($50,000) – Somali Family Service, guided by its community champions, helps Somali and other African families in becoming responsible, independent and contributing members of San Diego through its programs that promote health, educational and economic success, and leadership efforts.
  15. The Children’s Initiative ($75,000) – The Children’s Initiative improves the health, safety, education and economic security of San Diego’s children and families.
  16. UC San Diego Student-Run Free Clinic ($100,000) – The UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic Project, in partnership with the community, provides accessible, quality healthcare for the underserved in a respectful environment in which students, health professionals, patients, and community members learn from one another.

In Imperial County, we funded:

  1. Court Appointed Special Advocates of Imperial County ($25,000) – CASA of Imperial County is a private non-profit organization that serves the needs of abused and neglected children.
  2. Calexico New River Committee ($10,000) – Calexico New River Committee is working to enhance the social, political, and economic climate of the City of Calexico and the Imperial Valley by enclosing/piping the New River from the International Border through the City of Calexico.
  3. Cancer Resource Center of the Desert ($25,000) – Cancer Resource Center of the Desert is a community organization dedicated to providing a guiding hand and compassionate heart to cancer patients and their families through services that educate, guide, support, and empower the patient through the cancer journey.
  4. Comite Civico del Valle ($25,000) – Comite Civico del Valle provides comprehensive environmental services to underserved residents including migrant workers, immigrants, farm workers, adults, adolescents, parents, and young adults experiencing environmental challenges.
  5. Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District ($25,000) – Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District is focusing on implementing and sponsoring programs that increase access and awareness to healthcare services and education for the underserved in the surrounding community.
  6. Imperial Valley Food Pantry ($25,000) – The Imperial Valley Food Pantry is fighting hunger, bringing health and hope to the Imperial Valley.
  7. Neighborhood House of Calexico ($25,000) – Neighborhood House of Calexico brings together individuals and resources to provide leadership,
    advocates for community betterment to meet the needs of the less fortunate and gives voice to individuals who otherwise remain invisible and silent.
  8. The Family Treehouse ($25,000) –The Family Treehouse assists in the development of healthy, happy, hearty families through health promotion, early childhood interventions, and technological training.

Responsive Grants

Alliance Healthcare Foundation began Responsive Grants to help organizations capitalize on time sensitive opportunities that might expire over the course of a lengthier grant application process. Awarding up to $25,000 to nonprofits in San Diego and Imperial Counties, Responsive Grants may be time sensitive, an important co-funding opportunity with other funders, a novel funding opportunity or a leadership & organizational development opportunity.

Here are some of the organizations and projects that received Responsive Grants in 2013:

  • San Diego Human Dignity Foundation for HIV Collaborative
  • Budget gaps for after school activities – Any Body Can and Hope Leadership Foundation
  • Trauma Informed Care Training
  • Senior LGBT Health Assessment planning grant

Look Ahead to 2014

In 2014, we are looking forward to another year of funding, learning and collaboration opportunities. As our in imperial County expands and as innovation in our communities continues to rise, we hope that 2014 holds an even brighter future for the underserved in our communities.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

Robert B. McCray, Board Chair
Alliance Healthcare Foundation
Nancy Sasaki, Executive Director
Nancy L. Sasaki, Executive Director
Alliance Healthcare Foundation


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