Alliance Healthcare Foundation 2016: The Year in Review

“We envision a San Diego and Imperial County region where equitable health resources lead to universal health and well-being.”

Throughout 2016, Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) continued advancing health and wellness for those in need throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. As we canvassed the counties, we continued to see an increase in collaboration and innovation amongst nonprofits, and that more organizations are taking the initiative to improve health and wellness in their communities.

AHF continued to work to diversify funds across the region by being an active participant in the community. Meetings, collaborations, events, and conferences are a variety of ways we learn about the work of other organizations in our community, and how this work aligns with our mission to advance health and wellness. Our communications – website, email, social and events – share what we’re learning about the challenges faced by our target populations that impact their ability to have healthier lives.

In 2016, AHF awarded $1,718,604 through our Mission Support, Innovation Initiative and Responsive grants to a wide variety of projects from a multitude of organizations serving our target populations – the poor, uninsured and underinsured, children and the homeless.

The total amount of funds released this year was less than projected. Although most projects performed as planned, some did not meet their milestones and some funds were not released. Given our internal management guidelines, the remaining funds could not be responsibly redistributed within the time remaining in the year. We are honored to have facilitated the developments that make continuous and substantial improvements for the people we serve to the best of our ability. From awareness to application, from interviews to awards, our board and staff remain committed to helping make investments that bring us closer to health equity.

2016 Mission Support Grant Recipients

With Mission Support Grants, we aim to catalyze real, sustainable change by funding organizations that are advancing health and wellness for those in need – the poor, uninsured and underinsured, children and the homeless.

Our 2016 Mission Support grantees served each of our populations:

  • 83% served 250% of poverty or below
  • 56% served the uninsured/underinsured
  • 61% served the homeless
  • 61% served children

The organizations that received Mission Support Grants represent a wide range of interests and needs in our communities, but all of them are working to serve those in need within San Diego and Imperial Counties.

These grants ultimately impacted people of varying race and ethnicity living within San Diego County:

In Imperial County, we funded:

These grants, too, ultimately impacted people of varying race and ethnicity living across Imperial County:

Responding to Community Need in 2016

Alliance Healthcare Foundation also responded to nonprofit needs in the community throughout the year with Responsive Grants. AHF began the Responsive Grants program to help organizations capitalize on immediate need situations that must be addressed before the next grant cycle.

Since 2010, these grants have also been used for one-time expenditures such as novel funding/partnering opportunities, and leadership and organizational development. They are not intended to support on-going fund-raising needs.

Some of the 2016 Responsive Grant recipients include:

  • $2,382 for Imperial County – Court Appointed Special Advocates, leadership development conference funds.
  • $25,000 for Stepping Stone – Bridge funding to support the loss of HIV set aside funding for ongoing alcohol/drug recovery & HIV case management.
  • $14,500 for Gompers Preparatory Academy – Funding to establish a fund-raising plan to continue partnership with Outdoor Outreach for their Adventure Club.
  • $25,000 for Mission Labs – Planning and implementation of a social enterprise accelerator to enable nonprofit organizations in the development of revenue generating projects that can support the mission of the agency.s; the social enterprise accelerator will have 4 tracks, one of which will be health and wellness.
  • $25,000 for Reality Changers – The creation of a business plan for Reality Changers’ social enterprise, College Apps Academy.

Supporting Initiatives in Innovation

AHF developed the Innovation Initiative (i2) to support innovative programs and ideas that change the healthcare system in order to reduce costs, improve quality and/or increase capacity for those we serve. Since 2010, we have awarded this $1 million award annually to an organization providing solutions in an innovative, creative way.

This year, we announced Interfaith Community Services, Inc. (Interfaith) as the Innovation Initiative recipient. Interfaith presented its project “Recovery and Wellness Center: A Cost Effective Alternative to Jails & Hospitals” as a way to provide sobering, medically supported detox as well as recuperative care for those experiencing homelessness. Through this initiative, Interfaith Community Services fills an important gap in the continuum of services available to the poor and homeless.

The Recovery & Wellness Center opens the path to sobriety and services that have not been available to people in our community. By providing an alternative to jails and hospitals, this center will improve the quality of care, along with Interfaith’s capacity to offer these important services to this population, while also reducing costs by offering proven treatment in a specialized caring setting.

Notably, our investment in the Center is anticipated to become self-sustaining past the term of our grant. This is an important addition to our infrastructure in the region and is the kind of investment in systems change that AHF endeavors to make through the Innovation Initiative.

Engaging the Community

AHF supports many efforts in our community that advance health and wellness for those we serve. In 2016, we took this mission a step further with a program we call “iEngageU.”

Through iEngageU, we facilitate interactions with our community that help us all learn from our experiences. We share the findings, best practices, and lessons learned in order to sustain what works and to perpetuate better health for all. We believe that by working with other thought leaders in our space, we can build on our strong foundation and spark new and creative solutions to address our community’s most pressing issues.

The 2016 series of events employed multiple strategies in engaging AHF grantees, community leaders, and the interested public in both San Diego and Imperial County, including:

AHF also provides additional resources for learning with events such as the USD Governance Symposium, webinars on fundraising, CEO/Executive Director gatherings, and other opportunities based on grantee feedback.

An Unwavering Commitment to Advancing Health and Wellness

As we reflect on the past year and look forward to the next, we take this moment to reflect upon our core values and consider how we can be of greatest service.

The Board Trustees and staff of Alliance Healthcare Foundation stand hand-in-hand with San Diego and Imperial County communities in an unwavering commitment to health equity and wellness.

Because, for too many, health equity does not currently exist, we reiterate our vision and affirm our commitment to our vision.

“We envision a San Diego and Imperial County region where equitable health resources lead to universal health and well-being.”

We draw on our firm belief that our communities can, and therefore must, continue to exemplify the best of humanity and will represent at all times our respect for diversity, human rights and the inclusion of all.

At the start of this New Year, we called on our partners, stakeholders and leaders to join us in representing the change our communities need from us – now and into the future.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support!


Nancy Sasaki

Executive Director


Elizabeth Dreicer

Board Chair


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