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Access Youth Academy

Mission Statement: The Access Youth Academy is dedicated to transforming the lives of underserved youth through health and nutrition, academic enrichment, community service and leadership through squash. Advancing Health and Wellness: Access Youth Academy’s 12-year promise and health and wellness...


Angels Foster Family Network

Mission Statement: At Angels we passionately and collaboratively care for children five and younger with diverse and exceptional families who dedicate themselves to each child’s well-being. We focus on the stable placement of children with nurturing families who foster....


Bastyr University

Mission Statement: Founded in 1970, Bastyr University is a nonprofit, private university with a mission to educate future leaders in the natural health arts and sciences. Respecting the healing power of nature and recognizing that body, mind and spirit are...

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A Reason To Survive

Mission Statement: A Reason To Survive (ARTS) is dedicated to providing, supporting, and advocating for arts programs that Heal, Inspire, and Empower youth facing adversity. Advancing Health and Wellness: ARTS is a vital contributor to San Diego’s health and...

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Alliance Health Clinic

Mission Statement: The Alliance Health Clinic’s (AHC) mission is to provide low-cost primary healthcare, behavioral health and oral care for the low income, immigrants, refugees and community members regardless of age, sex or pre-existing conditions. Advancing Health and Wellness: Most AHC...

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Bayside Community Center

Mission Statement: Bayside Community Center (BCC) empowers our diverse community to improve its quality of life through services, education and advocacy. A neighborhood-based organization serving the Linda Vista community, BCC believes that everyone—regardless of background, income or education—should have access...


Chula Vista Community Collaborative

Mission Statement: The mission of the CVCC is “Enhancing community partnerships to develop and implement coordinated strategies and systems for future generation.   Advancing Health and Wellness: One of our most innovative programs is Triple Play, which demonstrates how...

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Christie’s Place

Mission Statement: Transforming lives since 1996, Christie’s Place is a leading nonprofit organization that provides HIV/AIDS education, comprehensive social and behavioral health services, and advocacy.  Their mission is to empower women, children, families and individuals whose lives have been impacted...


Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP)

Mission Statement:  Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) is a San Diego-based 501c3 non-profit organization who envisions a San Diego region where everyone has the opportunity to achieve optimal health and well-being. CHIP’s mission is to advance long-term solutions to...

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Council of Community Clinics (now called Health Center Partners)

Mission Statement: The Council of Community Clinics (CCC) and its subsidiaries represent and support community clinics and health centers in their efforts to provide access to quality healthcare and related services for the diverse communities they serve with an...



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