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Dreams for Change

Mission Statement: To respond to the needs of San Diegans by creating innovative and cost-effective programs to empower and stabilize the lives of underserved families and individuals. Advancing Health and Wellness: Dreams for Change (DfC) is advancing health and...


ElderHelp of San Diego

Mission Statement: Our mission at ElderHelp is to provide personalized services and information that help seniors remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes. Advancing Health and Wellness: ElderHelp offers a full coordinated care program using Member Care...

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Mission Statement: Embrace is a nonprofit organization rooted in mobilizing college students to serve less fortunate members of civilian and military veteran communities. Founded in 2000 by CEO Sean Sheppard, Embrace programs are designed to connect college student leaders to...


Environmental Health Coalition

Mission Statement: Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) is dedicated to environmental and social justice. We organize and advocate to protect public health and the environment threatened by toxic pollution. EHC supports efforts that create a just society and foster a...

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Home Start, Inc.

Mission Statement: Home Start assures the safety and resiliency of children by strengthening families and their communities.  Our goal is that every child in San Diego will be able to live in a safe and nurturing home. Advancing Health and...


Monarch School Project

Mission Statement: The mission of Monarch School is to educate students impacted by homelessness and to help them develop hope for a future with the necessary skills and experiences for personal success. Monarch is a K-12 school offering a...

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Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc.

Mission Statement: Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc.’s (MOWGSD) primary mission is to support the independence and well-being of seniors by providing the daily delivery of affordable, fresh meals to homebound seniors throughout San Diego County.  In addition to meal...

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Mental Health Systems

Mission Statement: Mental Health Systems (MHS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1978 to provide innovative and cost-effective case management, mental health, drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services in the least restrictive, most appropriate settings. Our mission is...


Multicultural Health Foundation

Mission Statement: The Multicultural Health Foundation’s mission is to bring health, justice, and wellness to the multicultural communities of San Diego County by focusing resources on the most vulnerable populations with social-clinical interventions, community-based wellness strategies, and research that leads to the...

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National City Public Safety Foundation

Mission Statement: The specific purpose of the National City Public Safety Foundation is to receive, hold, and manage funds for charitable and educational purposes, including but not limited to promoting and supporting the NCPSF and its programs benefiting the citizens...



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