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One More Step: Our Critical Role in Medi-Cal Coverage for All Children

In May of 2016, California bill SB 75 officially extended health coverage for low-income undocumented immigrant children 18 years old and younger under what is known as Medi-Cal For All Children. While this change represents another critical step towards...


Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month—Up Your Game. Improve Your Heart Health. As we celebrate both Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month in the month of June, we’re reminded of how important it is to help the men in our lives be...


High Blood Pressure Education Month

Do you know your blood pressure? The month of May brought our first taste of summer—as well as an important reminder about our health.  Officially coined “National High Blood Pressure Education Month,” May serves to raise awareness about one...


Imperial County | Food Insecurity & Childhood Asthma

Food Insecurity & Childhood Asthma Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) works with nonprofit, government, and community agencies to advance health and wellness throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. While this serves as our overarching mission, we are mindful of the...


Brighten Your Life with a Healthy Smile

It’s never too early to start practicing responsible oral hygiene. With stomach pains still lingering from Valentine’s Day, a time to cherish chocolate and sweets, we must remind our youth of the important role that proper dental hygiene plays...


Take Your Heart Out on a Date

It’s time to show your heart some TLC. February is underway and love is in the air. As you go about your day, I’m sure you have recently noticed the transition to pink decorations and sugary treats as we...

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End-of-Life Care: One Conversation Can Make All the Difference

The end-of-life conversation is not an easy one to have, but it’s vital. Speaking with a loved one about their final moments is a tough, intimate, and emotional undertaking, but it could make their final stages happier and less...

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The Great Struggle of Seniors Living on SSI and SSP in California

The effects of budget cuts made during the Great Depression era still affect the health and wellness of our community today. During the peak of the Great Depression from 1929 to 1933, benefits for supplemental security income (SSI) recipients...

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Mental Health: How the Conversation is Changing at Home and Abroad

How often do you consider your mental health? For many, the word “health” conjures images of veggies, jogs, workout routines, and bottles upon bottles of water. When we think health, we too often gravitate straight toward physical health, sometimes...


A Recent Report Suggests a Troubling Trend

The Children’s Initiative (a 2013 AHF Mission Support grantee) recently released their San Diego County Report Card on Children and Families: Report Card 2013. As one would expect, the report contains some good news and some bad news –...



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