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AHF supports many efforts throughout the San Diego and Imperial Counties that advance health and wellness. In 2017, we’re looking to take this mission a step further with iEngageU.

Through iEngageU events, we’ll interact with our community to learn from our efforts and from each other regarding the findings, best practices, and lessons learned in order to sustain what works and to perpetuate better health for all.

Comprised of iEngageU forums, AHF grantee benefit events, AHF Suite 350 iNservice meetups, and a Funding Innovation Forum, the iEngageU series employs multiple strategies to engage AHF grantees, community leaders, and the interested public in both San Diego and Imperial County.

Strategically, AHF engages the community through town-hall-style events—iEngageU forums—to highlight the latest work conducted by partner organizations. We host our iEngageU Funding Innovation Forum to highlight the work of our Innovation Initiative awardees. In addition, we host the CEOs and Executive Directors of our current grantees for networking and learning with their peers and additional workshop topics for staff of our grantees through the grantee benefit events.

Internally, we will host iNservice education sessions to advance health and wellness for our employees and office mates. As the only foundation solely dedicated to health and wellness, AHF has a responsibility to infuse our community with the tools it needs to improve health for everyone, especially for those who have barriers to access to the resources, information, and services they need to be the healthiest they can be.

Upcoming Events

  • June: iEngageU: Reality Changers—College Apps Academy a Year In
  • June 14: Point in Time Report Release for Imperial County
  • December 5: CEO/ED Alumni Event, 4 to 7 pm | Grantees only

Previous Events from 2018

  • January 25-27—2017 Grantee Benefit – USD Symposium (register online)
  • February 14: iEngageU: Love Your Heart. Stop by our official Love Your Heart location at 5060 Shoreham Place in San Diego from 10 am to 1 pm to have your blood pressure checked.
  • February 22: iEngageU: Community Health Needs Assessment—Inform The Process | View recording | View slides
  • April 5: Funding Innovation Forum, UCSD Sanford Consortium, Duane. J. Roth Auditorium, 8:30 am to 11 am | i2 applications open | Apply online today!

Previous Events from 2017

If you have any questions about any of the events or about the iEngageU series as a whole, please contact AHF Operations Manager Bryan Fisher at 858.875.3330 or via email at

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