Frequently Asked Questions

How did AHF get its start?

AHF developed from a necessity for a representative public voice and advocate to speak and act on behalf of the critical healthcare needs of San Diego’s underserved populations.

The organization was formed in 1989 through an innovative partnership of healthcare, business, labor, and consumer advocates. Leaders in various fields came together to address the growing access to care issues facing San Diego’s underserved regions. Since then, AHF has grown to play a critical role in both the San Diego and Imperial County communities by supporting programs that improve access to care for the region’s underserved.

Does AHF only fund health?

AHF’s grant-making activities focus strategically on funding organizations whose programs advance health and wellness for the vulnerable populations, including the poor, uninsured and underinsured, children and the homeless. Our definition of “health” is fairly broad.

How can I make a donation to AHF?

Thank you very much for your interest and support of the work we are doing at AHF. However, we encourage you to support the partners you learn about on our website.

How many grant inquiries does AHF receive each year, and how many are funded?

The number of grant requests varies each year, as does the number of grantees funded. In 2016, we received applications from 113 organizations. We funded 26 organizations in the San Diego and Imperial Counties through our 2017 Mission Support Grants and are supporting four organizations through our Innovation Initiative.

A list of past grantees and current grantees are available on our website.

Where is AHF located?

Alliance Healthcare Foundation is located at 5060 Shoreham Place, Suite 350, San Diego, CA 92122. Please see our contact page for more information & to send us a message.

What do I do if I have a question that was not answered on these pages?

Please email us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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