Alliance Innovation Fund

Through our Alliance Innovation Fund, we seek to alter the status quo by funding innovation designed to advance the health and wellness of those most in need in our communities.

We believe that owing to the already large ratio of dollars that flow into healthcare, we must innovate to reduce the overall cost to our system, while improving quality and increasing access.

We believe that what’s needed in philanthropy is social enterprise seed and scaling innovation capital coupled with long-termism and steadfast partnership. This is why we created our i2 (Innovation Initiative) program in 2010.

Since then, AHF has established a track record of sourcing, funding (over $12 million to date) and developing scalable social enterprise innovations through its i2 (Innovation Initiative) program. For example, AHF funded Text4Baby through Champions for Health (formerly the San Diego Medical Society Foundation)—targeting text-based micro education to at-risk moms and their unborn babies (subsequently extended thru childhood)—and now among the largest mobile health apps in the nation and owned by Wellpass (following merger of Voxiva and Sense Health). Other AHF i2 investments include:  211’s Community Information Exchange (CIE), Interfaith Community Service’s Recovery and Wellness Center, UCSD’s (University of California San Diego ) Wireless Observed Therapy led by UCSD’s (University of California San Diego) Wireless Observed Therapy Project, led by Dr. Sara Browne  (with Proteus as the technology partner), and Solutions For Change’s Solutions Farms.

Our commitment to progress calls us to be bold. We established the Alliance Innovation Fund at the San Diego Foundation to enable others to join us. Read the full announcement. We believe in the power of collective action, and we are hopeful that our example will inspire others to join us.

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