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Grants General

What types of projects does Alliance Healthcare Foundation fund?

AHF’s grant-making activities focus strategically on funding organizations whose programs advance health and wellness for the vulnerable populations, including the poor, uninsured and underinsured, children and the homeless.

Each of the three types of grants AHF offers focuses on different strategies. For the Innovation Initiative (I2), projects should be looking to change a system to decrease costs, improve quality and/or increase capacity through the use of innovative and collaborative methods to get measurable results.

For Mission Support Grants, organizations that are working to change the status quo and improve operations in terms of reduced costs, improved quality and/or greater capacity for the clients they serve are most likely to be acknowledged with funding.

Responsive Grants are generally one-time, immediate-need funding opportunities and may include leadership and organizational development.

For a broader description of these grants, please visit our Grants pages. To learn more about the projects we have funded, visit our Current Grantees and Past Grantees pages.

Who can apply?

AHF makes grants to nonprofit organizations and public agencies that advance the health and wellness of the vulnerable populations in San Diego & Imperial Counties. To apply for a grant, applicant organizations or their fiscal sponsor must have valid tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and be classified as a public charity — not as a “private foundation” under section 509(a).

Does AHF fund organizations outside of San Diego?

For AHF, the project must benefit the vulnerable populations, the poor and working poor, homeless and children in San Diego and/or Imperial County. We do not require that the headquarters of the organization be physically in either county.

Does AHF provide grants to individuals?

AHF does not provide scholarship or fellowship support for individuals, nor does it make grants that benefit any one individual.

Does AHF fund organizations that have fiscal sponsors?

Yes, as long as the fiscal sponsor is a 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code & is classified as a public charity.

Grants Process

When can I submit a proposal for funding?

Innovation Initiative – Generally, we launch this funding at our Innovations Conference in the Spring of each year. Proposals are due in May; the Pitch Fest for finalists is in July.

Mission Support
– Generally, this is launched in the fall of each year. Applications are due one month following the announcement.

Responsive Grants – Due to the nature of these grants, proposals are accepted throughout the year.

How soon will I hear back?

Innovation Initiative – You should hear back within two weeks of the May Program Committee meeting if you have been selected to present at the Pitch Fest in July.

Mission Support – Funding decisions are made at the board meeting following the deadline, typically within three months.

Responsive Grants – In general, you should hear back within two weeks.

Can I submit a full proposal?

A full proposal is required for the Innovation Initiative. An application is required for Mission Support. A one to two page description of the need is required for a Responsive Grant. Supporting documentation for review & due diligence may also be requested.

Can you tell me why my inquiry was denied?

Yes. If we decline your funding request, we will share with you our primary reason(s) for the denial.

My organization was previously declined for funding. Can I reapply?


What should I do if I can’t find my saved application?

Please contact our Operations Manager Bryan Fisher at 858.875.3330 or

I’m having trouble using the online system.

Please contact our Operations Manager Bryan Fisher at 858.875.3330 or

Do you accept letters of inquiry by mail?

Innovation Initiative and Mission Support applications are completed online during the open grant period. Responsive Grants are also available online year round. Paper application will be made available upon request. If you would like assistance, please contact our Operations Manager Bryan Fisher at 858.875.3330 or

I have additional questions. Is there someone who can help me?

Please contact our Operations Manager Bryan Fisher at 858.875.3330 or

If an organization has an active grant from one of AHF's grant programs, are they eligible to receive funding from other programs?

Yes, you may apply for funding for any of our grant programs.

Do I need to show other project support? What about in-kind support?

If AHF is asked to support only a portion of the funding for the project, the budget should have separate columns for the total budget and for AHF’s portion. In-kind support may also be reflected in a separate column.

Current Grantees

Can we reallocate funds after a budget is approved?

Budget changes that exceed $1,000 or 10% of the approved line item must be requested in writing and approved by the Senior Director of Programs or Executive Director before such changes are implemented.

Where can I find reporting guidelines?

Reporting guidelines and templates are typically individualized for the grantee. The guidelines should be in your contract with Alliance Healthcare Foundation.

What if a project is running behind the approved timeframe set out in the grant contract?

If you require additional time to complete a funded project, please request a “no-cost extension” in writing from the program officer or the Executive Director. Please provide a revised time table for any outstanding deliverables.

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