Responsive Grants

Responsive Grants (Up to $25,000)


To respond to certain requests in a timely manner, Alliance Healthcare Foundation provides responsive grants up to $25,000.

Responsive grants may be:

  • time-sensitive
  • an important co-funding opportunity with other funders
  • a novel funding opportunity
  • leadership and organizational development-based
  • support of a community event or activity through table and ticket purchases (does not include sponsorships)

Agencies must submit a letter (1-2 pages) summarizing the need and include a project budget. Criteria used by program staff to assess the grant request include geographic location of program, target population, AHF priority funding area addressed, evidence base for program design, experience with agency if a previous grantee, strengths and weaknesses in request, and budget, among others. It is preferable to submit online, but paper or emailed applications are acceptable.


To learn if your request meets our criteria, we have developed a Responsive Grants Questionnaire to help. Access to the Responsive Grant Application will be opened if the criteria are met.

If you have any questions or would like to apply via paper application, email us at for more information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Note: Overhead costs are limited to 15% of overall responsive grant budgets for academic institutions.

Innovation Initiative (i2)

supporting transformational thinking and action to improve systems related to health and wellness

Mission Support

changing the status quo and improving operations in terms of reduced costs and improved quality for clients served

Program-Related Investments

supporting charitable activities that involve the potential return of capital within an established time frame.

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