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Alliance Healthcare Foundation Chooses Winner of $1 Million Innovation Initiative (i2) Award

Alliance Healthcare Foundation Announces $1 Million Award to Interfaith Community Services for 2016 Innovation Initiative


iEngageU: Mental Health & Recovery Resources

Collaborative efforts and sharing data between non-prof organizations. On Thursday, December 15, 2016, Alliance Healthcare Foundation hosted the community for our fourth iEngageU town-hall-styled event, addressing Mental Health & Recovery for at-risk youth, low income and the homeless. Our panel for...


AHF in the Community – October 2016

October 3: As co-chair of the newly combined Integrative Health, Housing and Human Services Advisory Council, I found our first meeting very eye opening. As we discussed our individual work and distinctive points of view, we all realized how...


AHF in the Community – September 2016

September 1:  We kicked off the month with AHF’s iEngageU Event: “Hunger in our Community – Evaluating Impact” at the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. Jim Floros, CEO, started the event off with an overview of the...


AHF in the Community – August 2016

From wellness to philanthropy, from housing to homelessness, the month of August was very busy with meetings, collaboration, events, and conferences - a variety of ways we learn about the work of organizations in our community, and how this...

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The Great Struggle of Seniors Living on SSI and SSP in California

The effects of budget cuts made during the Great Depression era still affect the health and wellness of our community today. During the peak of the Great Depression from 1929 to 1933, benefits for supplemental security income (SSI) recipients...


Interfaith Community Services

  North San Diego County’s 2,035 homeless individuals have limited options when struggling with addiction and medical issues. When in crisis, these vulnerable community members often visit emergency rooms or become one of the 27,487 individuals who have been...



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