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Bitter Sweet: Beware Holiday Treats and Avoid the Downsides of Sugar

With Halloween kicking off the holiday season, millions of children will begin chasing the sugary treats that come with participating in the parties, festivals, carnivals, and celebrations that we all have come to know. Many parents will try to...


Being Mindful of Mindfulness: How meditation can impact your health and wellness

The word “mindfulness” has become popular in conversations recently as more and more studies are proving that people who are practicing a type of meditation called “Mindfulness” are becoming healthier than those who do not. Mindfulness is a mental...


The iEngageU Series: A Discussion on Health Literacy in San Diego

The iEngageU Series: A Discussion on Health Literacy in San Diego In our efforts to raise awareness about the health and wellness issues affecting the San Diego and Imperial Counties, AHF recently launched the iEngageU series. This platform brings...


Holiday Stress Tips: How to Stay Healthy and Happy this Holiday Season

The holiday season is supposed to be a celebration, but for many, it simply doesn’t play out like that. Deadlines, budgets, family visits, travel plans, food preparations, and various other factors make the holiday season one of the most...

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The Great Struggle of Seniors Living on SSI and SSP in California

The effects of budget cuts made during the Great Depression era still affect the health and wellness of our community today. During the peak of the Great Depression from 1929 to 1933, benefits for supplemental security income (SSI) recipients...

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Mental Health: How the Conversation is Changing at Home and Abroad

How often do you consider your mental health? For many, the word “health” conjures images of veggies, jogs, workout routines, and bottles upon bottles of water. When we think health, we too often gravitate straight toward physical health, sometimes...

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Innovation Initiative Spotlight: One-e-App Catalyzes Community Change

The Innovation Initiative (I2) Award can spark lasting change in the community. In 2009, Social Interest Solutions (SIS), a mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to leveraging technology innovation to improve consumers’ access to eligible health and human services, was awarded the I2...


Innovation Initiative Spotlight: Text4baby’s Growth and Evolution

The Innovation Initiative (I2) Award can have a dramatic, positive impact on nonprofits. Today, I’d like to highlight a past awardee, Text4baby, and discuss the strides they made in the community with the help of the I2 Award. Text4baby...


AHF Innovation Initiative 2015 Recap & Application Link

The 2015 Innovation Initiative (I2) application period is here. We kicked off this year’s award Thursday, March 26, with the Innovation in Healthcare Conference, held at the Jacobs Center. There, we enjoyed a fantastic turnout and some thoughtful, inspiring...

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A Look at Innovation in Nutrition for National Nutrition Month

March is a special month for us at Alliance Healthcare Foundation. First, it’s National Nutrition Month, so organizations all across the nation will focus on healthy eating and living strategies that can greatly affect their communities’ health and wellness....



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